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      The Thai Summit Group is one of the largest automotive parts manufacturers in South East Asia. It was established in 1977 and has expanded with over 30 subsidiaries throughout Asia. With the determination of the Thai Summit Group management team, we can ensure continuous improvement and innovative products along with high technological advances in the automotive industry. The Thai Summit Group features world class quality manufacturing processes and product quality control to complete at the global level.

       With the experience of Thai Summit Group As a pioneer in Thailand’s automotive parts industry, we are proud to present our own innovative electric automobile, the “ CARIO “. CARIO belongs to a subsidiary group of Thai Summit called TS Vehicle Tech. It features the latest design of modern technology to suit customer trends and demands. It also represents the potential of Thailand’s growth and advancement in the automotive industry, showing great performance and innovation technology and design.

       CARIO is a multi-purpose electric car designed by engineer who have expertise in the field of research and development. CARIO is also an energy-saving and eco-friendly vehicle. The sales team of CARIO is prompt to bring the top quality after-sales service in order to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction.



To be a leader of innovative technology and electric automobile manufactured,we focus heavily on product research and developmeant. CARIO is the first vehicle that is designed,innovated and manufactured in Thailand by our team of Thai engineers. To design each model successfully, our engineers will study and research the market demands and quality them into our 3D graphic design and customize the vehicle fit our customer’s need.


Addition, we greatly emphasize the quality control and quality processing by closely examining each process and every step of the way.We use the latest machinery and technology combined with high quality materials produce the best products.




Technology is a major part of the design of the CARIO. Product Design and Engineering Design that conform to the ANSI standard that is accepted in the design of electric vehicles in the international level. CARIO’s design is based on CAD (NX), CATIA (3D Design) and Computer Analysis (CAE). Use of computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) in the manufacture of molds.




















All utility vehicles are designed and tested according to ANSI standards.


Global standard ANSI

ANSI Z130.1
Golf Cart :Safety and Performance Specification


ANSI B56.1
Low/High Lift Truck Safety Standard

Module Standard test Item test detail [Test place]
Test acceptance
Electrical EMI
[Global standard]
1) Electromagnetic compatibility [PTEC] Std. ≤ 50 dB
2) Heat-generating components [PTEC]
Std. a) Metal surface ≤ 60 Degree Celsius
b) Non-Metal surface ≤ 85 Degree Celsius
Brake/Accelerator ANSI : Z130.1 ,B56.1
[Safety standard]
1) Service brake performance [TSVT]
2) Service brake fade [TSVT]
3) Service brake fade recovery [TSVT]
4) Parking brake [TSVT]
Battery ANSI : Z130.1 ,B56.1
[Safety standard]
1) Service brake performance [TSVT]
2) Service brake fade [TSVT]
3) Service brake fade recovery [TSVT]
Mechanical Performance ANSI : Z130.1 ,B56.1
[Safety standard]
1) Maximun vehicle speed [TSVT]
2) Maximun vehicle acceleration [TSVT]
3) Static stability [Longitudinal & Lateral] [TSVT]
4) Tilting plate form Test
General Configuration ANSI : Z130.1 ,B56.1
[Anthropometry for designer]
1) Adequate leg room [TSVT]